Thursday, 22 January 2009

Things change - People change

Well it has been a while.
I’m really not good at this blogging business but I feel that so much in my life is changing that I have a duty to myself to document at least a few of those changes.

In the past few months I have lived through countless of small personal changes:

Change of location to the amazing city of London;
Change of career to the recorded music business;
Change of career direction with the move from entrepreneurial to big business;
Change of relationship status due to the move to London;
Change in outlook on life – part living for the moment, part planning my move back to Scotland.

To name a few and believe me, I love change; I have always embraced change and generally find that I deal well with it.

I’ve coped fine with career change, not to bad with the relationship change and settled into a new city, but this time I have found there have been many consequences. The consequences are mainly on my thoughts of myself as well as on my outlook on life in general.

I’m not as tough as I like to think I am. I’m not as confident and I like to make people believe and I definitely have many skeletons that I go out of my way to hide from the world.

I feel that as well as documenting the changes in my life, blogging will help me to understand my feelings and myself a little better. Perhaps help me sort out my head and work out what’s bugging me.

So here goes….

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