Thursday, 8 October 2009

Preparing for a date.... Logistical Nightmare?

Tonight I am going on a date with a lovely Italian man and I feel (in this order):
  • Nervous
  • Excited
  • Happy
  • Cautious
  • Vulnerable
The added pressure of the evening include the fact that most people in the damn town seems to know one or both of us thanks to our jobs. Can you imagine being on a date and having people you know coming over to chat and ask awkward questions? Bad News! This makes the venue choice is a bit of a mission.
  1. Meet at 8 and go for a drink a gorgeous wine bar (none of my customers, lots of his!)
  2. Head off to a unknown location for dinner (he is choosing venue and I've been warned that there will be none of his customers but some of mine)
  3. Go for a drink in a lovely bar at the river. (Possibly frequents by our customers but unlikely)
On top of this I have the usual stressful crazy date preparation to get through!

My Date Preparation (up to and inc. tonight):
  • Consider outfit and realise I have nothing remotely suitable in my wardrobe
  • Rush out to buy some gorgeous black trousers that I 100% cannot afford
  • Give my self a facial
- 1 Day before
  • Pluck eyebrows
  • Exfoliate
  • Try on outfit and realise the gorgeous new trousers are too big.
  • Panic and run over all the bad men I have ever met in my life before convincing myself that Mr Italian is not like any of them.
- Day of Date (morning)
  • Set out the suitable parts of my outfit for quick change later
  • Set out a contingency outfit
  • Rush out before work to change the trousers for a better fitting pair
  • Arrive late and flustered in to work and proceed through my day more stressed than necessary
- Day of Date (p.m. - 1 hour to get home, ready and back out)
  • Have a super quick shower (I am great at these!) - max 5 mins
  • Jump into my outfit (that now hopefully fits!) - max 5 mins
  • Blow dry, straighten and back comb my hair - 25 mins
  • Start Make up, natural but flattering - 10 mins
  • Run for the bus which will inevitably be late - 10mins
  • Continue Make Up while on the bus - 5 - 10 mins
  • Run up the High Road - 5 mins
  • Arrive looking windswept and no doubt awful with a big smile (fashionably 5 -10 minutes late)
So here goes, hopefully it will be a good night - I think it will - I hope it will! Wow, how stressful is dating? Shoud it really be this tough?


  1. sooo...sooo...what happened?????? :)

    Dating is stressful...but the relationship stuff should be easy. hehehe

    miss you!! need details!

  2. As I was reading on how you prepared for your big night, I'm in the middle of imagining elevator music and rock music. I wonder how it all boiled down, but I knew that it was a very eventful date. Most of us take at least an hour or even two to prepare for a date, with the difficult choice of what to wear, getting the perfect makeup, and having those teeth whitening strips or trays, whichever. But yours, wow. 5 to 10 minutes for each stuff. Now that's quite a unique way of beating the time for the date.