Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A Childhood Away

15 years… a lot can happen in 15 years.

A child can get receive their full education in that time. Including Primary School, High School and then University.

In 15 years a bump in a Mother’s tummy can go from nothing more than a cause for great excitement to becoming a beautiful, happy and strong young woman.

That first child can wait 15 years to meet what she knew as the bump in a Mother’s tummy. She can spend years asking about what the baby will look like now, she can remember each year that the little bump will be getting older. She can count down the years until she feels that little bump will be old enough for her to make contact… then after 15 years of waiting, a full 15 years of anticipation… that bump that is her beautiful little sister can suddenly come into her life and everything automatically fits into place. Everything feels right!

My gorgeous sister (left) with her best friend (right)

That’s correct folks, I have waited 15 years to meet my ‘baby’ sister and now in past week I have discovered where she is, had an amazing phone conversation with her, and have received at least one SMS everyday since Wednesday. In only six short weeks, I will be meeting her for the first time.

"In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips"

I could not be more excited! I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed.

Thank you lord!

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