Thursday, 17 September 2009

Elderly in London

One thing that is obvious about London is that it is not designed for the eldery. I see the elderly London locals wandering around, using all their strength to get on and off of buses (shockingly I rarely see people assisting them and often have to run to help them myself) and watch them struggling up hills with shopping bags.

The elderly intrigue me. You can see some 'poor' old man, very frail and weary looking and realise that for all you know, he could have been a successful business man or perhaps ex show-biz... we automatically assume that he has always been they way he is today.

Thinking of my Grandparents over the past few months and observing the elderly in London has encouraged me to take part in some voluntary work with the elderly. I would hate to think of my Grandparents struggling the way I see others doing.

I'll most likely help a charity that deals with Alzheimers or Dementia, two subjects close to my heart.

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