Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Comforting Routine of Home

The landscape become more mountainous and the villages and towns become fewer and further between. Gaidhlig slowly creeps into the street signs and everything becomes quiet and beautiful... I know I am on my way home.

Each time I go home I have a routine:
I walk to the back door and marvel for a moment at the garden and the surrounding landscape. I then take a few paces into the kitchen and have a drink of water from the tap... so fresh, so clean and so ice cold. From here I boil the kettle, and make a cup of coffee which I take through the living room and drink while sitting on the mega comfy sofa.

After another coffee and a bite to eat I tend to head upstairs for the most relaxing bubble bath in my old small but incredibly clean and fresh bathroom. Afterward I head through to my old bedroom and get changed into the same comfy pajamas I have worn on each visit home for the past two years (I don't visit much, they are like new :)

Then it is time to curl up in front of the roaring coal fire before heading to my amazing bed to sleep like a baby.

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