Tuesday, 27 January 2009

"Life doesn't get much more bizarre than a barmaid reading papers on copyright!"

Between last night and today a lot has happened.

I may be becoming a licensee
For extra money I work in a lovely bar in the evenings and my manager has asked me to take a licensing course to become a licensee for the pub. More responsibility will equal more pay and with the economy the way it is, it seems that having extra bar qualifications could be very useful for when I lose my employment in September.

I got my first row from my boss.
I have a very good relationship with my boss. Yesterday she called me and I took down a quote from her to give to press officer for immediate release. The press officer wanted more information so didn't send it out - I got into trouble as it was for immediate release. Why does this not seem fair? I carried out the instructions and explained to press officer exactly what had to be done. It was not my choice that she did not act on it. (not keen on this situation)

I have a Government Relations mentor
A truly amazing woman that I work with on an almost daily basis has offered to mentor me in Government Relations to help me get head a little. She is also working with the company I want to work with eventually so I am hoping this contact could prove useful. She has sent me over a lot of copyright paperwork to read over and is available to answer any of my questions. (quote in title provided by her). She has also used the words "It's been a long time since i've seen someone as keen and dedicated as you" so that is really lovely.

I have to learn web stuff.
Anyone who knows me knows that me and technology are not good friends, yet I have to look after a website for a worldwide network.... It has not been updated since September and no one thought it would be a good idea to alert me that this was one of the company's responsibilities (never mind my personal responsibility). That should be erm... fun? Any help would be much appreciated.

I am turning into an accountant.
Second to my zero knowledge of web stuff is my knowledge of maths. I cannot count. I cannot calculate and calculators do not like me, yet while our lovely accountant is on holiday for a month - I'm doing his job as well as my own.

I am working in digital
(see web stuff) I am taking on another colleagues job for 2 weeks, which will mean a huge pay rise (only for 2 weeks) but it will be enough to pay for my summer holiday which I am very relieved about.

"The key to winning is poise under stress" Paul Brown

Finally - I didn't sleep again. Looking at the full list above, I am beginning to work out why.

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  1. tell you what...you help me with locating a job over there and I'll help you with the web stuff!

    I have 6 jobs to apply for this week. I applied to one last week and I'm hoping that it comes through! It would see me living in E-town! :)