Thursday, 5 February 2009

“Unreal City, Under the fog of a winter dawn" T.S. Elliot

I woke up on Monday morning with my Kiwi flatmate beside my bed jumping up and down with excitement saying that no one was going to work and that I shouldn't bother getting out of bed because over night over 12 inches of snow had landed on London.

Its amazing that something as simple and natural as snow can take us all from stressed out, workaholic caffeine addicts one minute to being excitable 7 year olds. (even when woken from blissful slumber). London had changed over night. It had changed from a busy, anti-social city, to a place very similar to my home village - people saying hello, children out playing with parents, building snowmen and enjoying each other's company.

10 years since my last snow day and I loved every minute of it! Snow ball fights, snow men, snow angels - hazelnut coffees, mulled wine. Amazing.

It really did top off the amazing weekend I spent in Manchester visiting a lovely man from Northern Ireland.

I had originally met Paul in November 2008 in very random circumstances. To cut a long story short(er) My parent were visiting and we were in the pub, Paul arrived with his friends, the only seats were beside us, we got chatting with him and his lovely friends. My parents left, Paul insisted I stay out, later he walked me to the bus stop and we kissed.

The next day he invited me out again and again we had a lovely time kissed and said goodbye. He left for Manchester.

I was invited to see him in Manchester and I VERY reluctantly said yes. Thank goodness I did. I had an amazing time and i'll hopefully be seeing him very soon. It was a weekend of lazy days, late nights and probably a little too much wine.

On the way back to London (by bus - euch) I felt my heart sink a little. After a great weekend this was the last place I wanted to be. Back to reality, back to work and further away from home.

Thankfully a snow day is great to lift anyones spirits!!

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