Monday, 23 March 2009

"Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons." Woody Allen

Money. I hate it. I always have hated it and I hate it even more when I have none!!!

London has provided me with a lot. Fact.
Two of London Livings' main offerings have been:

- A massive drop in wages
- An enormous rise in living costs

Not Fun.

At the moment I am trying to stomach a shortfall approximately £500 per month. Bugeting like crazy has got me through thus far but as my wages are monthly and my rent is every 4 weeks I will shortly be facing an extra £440 coming out of my account... that money is just simply not there.

I have got 8 weeks to make that £440 which is actually only £55 a week - £55 that I do not have and can't seem to find a way to get a hold of.

It has been incredibly tough living on the amount of money I'm living on and I try to think of it as an investment in the future.

This week my budget is as follow:

- Travel £10 (with the nicer weather coming in I will hopefully not use all
of this allowing it to be carried over to next week)
- Social Life £20 (this will allow for one small night out)
- Postage £10 (I have birthday presents and baby boxes to mail this
week... damn)
- Ciggies £30 (I know it is awful that these are my biggest expense
but it is my one luxury and I simply refuse not to have
them at the moment)

TOTAL SPEND for week beginning the 23rd of March = £70.

Anyone got any money making tips for me?

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  1. Okay, so I've been reading a lot lately about financial planning, etc. And here's what I've learned...spend less than what you make. Ridiculous.*LOL* Or.....alternatively, make more than you spend. (That never happens)

    Sooooo...saving money tips.
    Can you cut your cigarette spend to 15 rather than 30?
    Most of these pfbs (personal finance bloggers-I do not make this stuff up!) would definitely cut the 20 night out cash. I say, don't cut it out, but have 2 drinks out, pocket the rest. *Right away, that is saving you 25!!

    Is the extra cash for the wedding?
    Is it a one time only charge?
    Is there anything you can sell? Other areas you can save money?
    Is there anyone that can take the gifts home for you to avoid postage? When is Emma coming to visit? Would it be really bad if they were a little late? Besides, your birthday is coming up! Ideally, now is the time to ask for cash as a gift...early*LOL*

    At the moment, I am looking at free entertainment,etc rather than buying anything (which also helps me keep my room clean and decluttering. Blech.) I make and take my own lunches and coffee (I was given a Thermos as a Christmas gift and I've been getting good use from it! Kind of shocking really)to work. I am also tracking days I don't spend anything. It makes it kind of like a game! I also have tons of samples,etc that I've sent away for which cuts out some spending on stuff.