Monday, 30 November 2009

"That's Why You Turn & Run"

Here is a bit of background on the character that will shortly become the subject of my anger and frustration fueled rant...

3 ex wives
3 years in prison
2 daughters (1 to his second wife, 1 to his third)
1 is 15 and until last weekend the two had never met
1 amazing partner who bends over backwards to look after him
5 strokes in 2 years
4 month hospital stay
3 Spinal operations
0 thanks for all people do for him

Getting back in touch with a 'Father' after seven years of wondering what might have been is nothing short of amazing. The 'child' is full of anticipation and excitement about meeting someone who will pleased to see them, someone who 'should' have been by their side for years. The excitement becomes short lived a Mum warns that this man would promise me the world and deliver on nothing. Thank goodness I was warned.

Thankfully I have never required him to be there as a Father figure... I always had an amazing Dad in my life, my mums husband who is more than I could have hoped for.

My gorgeous little sister is in a different situation. For the past seven or eight year she has coped remarkably well without her Dad and is a strong and switched on young lady, however, she has now has the heartbreak of losing her mother leaving no parental influence in her life. This amazing young lady has got back in touch with my Dad in an attempt to feel like she belongs to a family... unfortunately my Dad is possibly the least reliable man on the planet

“The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar which the ultimate fulfillment of that hope never entirely removes.”
Thomas Hardy

He does not deserve her love, he does not even deserve mine for all he has done in his life. We have both given him a second chance (or in my case 5th or 6th chance) and he couldn't appreciate it less. I do not need him... she does.

People like this will never change, we all know it although at times it would be nice if they were at least grateful for what they have, for the people they have around them who will keep forgiving, those who are looking after them when they are ill, backing them up when they are stuck in a tight spot but no... they won't. People like this truly believe they are entitled to what they have. They remain adamant that nothing is their fault. They do not admit to anything, they have no integrity and no sense of responsibility. They will happily take take take for their entire lives without ever learning the word "give."

At some point the people who look out for them, the people that have their back, will give up. They will leave the offending man's life forever and not even consider looking back.

Rant Over.


  1. The best thing about meeting up with her Dad is that she did get someone who is thankful and caring and :)

    Who knows..maybe that's what was in the cards all along.

  2. You know... I think you are right. This was always on the cards.

    Everything pointed towards this and it all makes sense. I really does :)